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With this babe last night! 💕🍜💕


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ok tupac

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twitter: @wicvh

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baes inspector gadget watch 

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"When are you coming to toronto girl?!"

fuhhhhhh iono when drake books me?

tell your toronto club promoters to book yung noodz

holler: david@abovegroundsf.com

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"u put me on w cashmere cat and I'm 4ever grateful👼 ily and I can't wait to meet u & hold ur hand💖✨"

:’) hold my hand

cashy cat is da best

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"are you and jacob keller really going out?"

hmm what do you honestly think? 


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"I have 2 q's: 1) I bought these bubble gum pink Doc Marten-esque boots, but Idk what type of clothes to pair it with. would u say black-grey-white type colors? And 2) Are your parents one of them hella protective Filipino parents? If so, were they chill about your lifestyle (not that it's bad but a parent's imagination can go wild) or did they eventually get used to it? sorry for the essay, luv u though and all that u do xxxx"

1) all white outfit

2) no my parents are the coolest filipino parents ever! i’d rather drink with my parents at a family party than hang out at a club with my friends tbh. i’m not even kidding. my parents and i are really close because of our communication, i think thats really important in ANY relationship. they’re the types to just want a text if im ok wherever i decide to be. but i usually call them every other day and text them random emojis. they love that shit.

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"Hey Micah! I love your mixes. You're really an inspiration for me in every type of way. I love music a lot and I want to DJ on the side like you do, but sometimes I feel like my music game isn't as strong as it could be. Any advice? & what was the first type of mixers you bought to start your DJing"

start researching artists/producers on soundcloud and explore a new genre of music you never thought existed 

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"What dj-ing equipment did you start out with?"

started off on vinyl//1200’s//shitty mixer//shitty amp//needles

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"Micah, you are a huge inspiration and influence on everything I'd want to be when I am older. It's also really cool to see how successful you are because just like you, I'm currently living in bae area. Just wanted to let you know how much of an impact you have on me, and I hope to meet you someday! What's your fav hbk track btw? Haha. I hope you had a great day today !"

wow. thank you! put on for your city! i love the bay so much :)

"never going broke" is my fav hbk song

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My 408 baes

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