"Hello Micah!:-) I'm just here to say that I honestly adore EVERYTHING about you. I know you get that A LOT but I do! Your ambition,wisdom. EVERYTHING. One question,How do you manage to juggle all these things in your life?(Fashion,Dj"ing",Traveling) It just intrigues me. I loved your lastest video though! It gave me so much inspiration. Much love and get ya grind on..xoxo"

How do I juggle everything in my life…?

Hmm. I kind of just organize and prioritize what needs to be done first. If I get booked to play a show I work around that. But as of right now I’m just working on my number one priority which is styling and constantly building my cliental list. Work never stops for me.. Because I’m always trying to get my vision clear in an image so people can actually see what I’m trying to project towards my audience. The internet is my sanctuary I am constantly researching, emailing, updating my blog, and brainstorming new and fresh ideas to pitch. Like I said in my video I’m sort of glad I don’t have a boyfriend right now, because I would feel so bad for not giving him attention. Lol. And plus it would add more to my plate. But someday, someday. 

Thats what I’m here for… to inspire my lovely followers. And I am always inspired by y’all and people on the daily.

xx noodles

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